The term robot.txt is not new in the world of SEO. It is in fact an integaral part of SEO. The technical term Robot.txt file is also known as the robots exclusion protocol which gives the web robot the command of the pages that not to be crawled. For the safety of your website, you don’t want Google and other search engines to crawl some certain pages like wp-admin etc.
How Does Our Service Work?

We have a team of SEO experts who are very much well aware of the technical point. They customize Robot.txt file according to one’s business needs.

We analyze your site and then the competitor sites to know which Robot.txt commands will work for you. Do you know a minor mistake can disallow search engines to crawl your site? Our experts examine your website before creating Robot.txt. It is not something that you can create on your own.

For a business website, we customize Robot.txt by disallowing-
• Thank-you pages
• Pages with duplicate content
• Account pages
• Admin pages
• Shopping cart
• Pagination pages
• Dynamic product and service pages
• Chats

There are some special commands which are divided into two parts allow and disallow. We create the setting to let the Google bot to crawl and not crawl the details of your site.

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