A sitemap is a hierarchical list of pages containing the topic, an XML document, and an organization chart to help search engine bot to crawl your site. Without sitemap submission, your site cannot be crawled by Google. It is an integral part of SEO. The technical thing can efficiently perform by SEO experts. Having an HTML sitemap allows users to navigate your site.

What is the Sitemap Integration?
The technical term is much used in SEO. It is all about allowing search engine crawlers to crawl your website. Once, the search bot crawls a page, it starts featuring in the search engine to help users navigate the page.

How Do we create a Sitemap?
Creating and submitting a sitemap is a time taking process. An XML sitemap is created to submit to Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines to let them crawl your site better.

We create a text sitemap covering all your pages
HTML sitemap is generated to drive traffic to the site.
SEO is one of the biggest marketing tools and sitemap creation and submission is one of its parts. When you leave us the task of complete SEO marketing, the duty of sitemap submission also comes in the package. Since we aim to provide affordable SEO services, you can consult us for getting XML sitemap submission services.